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Mobile robot significantly reduces the company's labor costs and minimizes the total percentage of production defects and the number of errors. The completing capabilities of the robot are extensive and can include one or more conveyor bands, pallet stretch wrapping, product intermediate, protective top layer and corners, “gentle” operating modes that are achieved through the use of special robot software and many other options, even in cases , when each product is unique.

The cost of introduction of a palletizing robot usually starts from 49 000 EUR.

  • Effectiveness +50%

    Average growth of production efficiency after the introduction of the KUKA robot

  • More efficient by 30%

    By introducing a little used KUKA robot

  • ROI - 24 months

    Average return on investment after the implementation of the robot

  • Comparison of human resources and robot at the sugar factory: One palletizing robot can load 10 tons of sugar (10 000 sachets) per pallet per hour.
  • The palletizing robot is equipped with many sensors that make the work process safe and fully controllable.