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Automation solutions help the clients of Mechanika Engineering to optimize their human resources, reduce the amount of defects at the factory, to facilitate the monotonous or severe physical activity, and to improve the overall productivity at the factory.

Regardless of the area of operation, the availability of the existing infrastructure or energy resources, Mechanika Engineering offers flexible and economically sound automation techniques. We have already gained experience in furniture robotized palletizing, packing of wood shaving and further robotized palletization, solid wood cutting, processing and gluing technologies, robotized milling, welding, plasma cutting, hot pressing in difficult conditions with the accelerated cooling, as well as in many smaller projects, such as development of bobsleigh aerodynamic shape, improvement of the agricultural drainage rinser, etc.

We have been open for new challenges since 2011, and have developed equipment in sectors where we already have experience, as well as in completely new areas for our business. Solutions are always customized to the business specifics, existing infrastructure, budget and availability of energy resources. In addition to the development of equipment, regular maintenance and repairs are ensured. Warranties are provided for the constructed equipment.

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  • Prior to the implementation of the automation solution, the opportunities for the implementation of the robotization solution are discussed together with the client.
  • In case of necessity, automation solution can be developed and implemented “from scratch”.